About Me

I am an independent digital transformation business consultant and advisor.

How I can help your organisation?

Advising on how technology can transform your organisation I help to understand what is a digital transformation, what opportunities it can bring to your company. With a full focus on you, we create a new vision for your company’s future together.

Creating a roadmap and a detailed plan for your digital transformation. We map your journey, make a realistic plan.

Selecting/creating technical solutions that are tailored to your needs. I am an independent and technology agnostic consultant so I don’t sell one particular solution. I am on your side.

Advising on how technology supports CxOs on their decision making. I select relevant KPIs on various level of the organisation, which systems measure and track them, how to interpret them.

My experience

Technical Background. I created software for startups, banking, telecom, digital services. I have a programming degree

Coaching and Leadership. Over the years I worked with various companies helping them scale up (and down). I have experience in driving change in organisations, including dysfunctional teams.

Digital Marketing and Sales. I scaled businesses by changing their offer to digital, building marketing funnels.

International Entrepreneurship. I am a business owner and an international entrepreneur myself. I run 4 companies in 4 different European countries.